Sci-Fi Thriller


During the Cold War, a Canadian research scientist is recruited by the CIA to conduct psychic experiments on a remote island using hallucinogenics and a cutting-edge headset. Charged with discovering the key to mind control, she probes the boundaries of perception, encountering supernatural forces and a diabolical plot for world domination.


Sarah, a brilliant research scientist has developed a groundbreaking device called the Neuro-PULSE, a headset capable of stimulating and monitoring brain activity to treat depression. After discovering that it holds the potential to cure Parkinson’s disease, her obsessive research knows no bounds, micro-dosing patients with psychotropics to enhance the headset’s effect – until she causes a patient to fall into a coma. As a result, Sarah is unceremoniously thrown out of University.

All is lost until an intelligence officer from Langley explains that communists have found the key to mind control, that America must retaliate, and that her study could be the answer. Sarah agrees to fight the communist threat and travels with her assistant Liam to a secret offshore base, beginning experiments that tap into the brain’s “God module” — raising questions over the limits of science and the human mind.

Symbols of the Black Sun are discovered littered across the island’s mansion, accompanied by eerie nightmares, unexplained lapses of time, and strange natural phenomena. Then the discovery of a concealed passage to an ancient barn is found, with a sacrificial altar covered with occult symbols. In the shadows lies “The Dark Book of Blood” — an ancient manuscript teeming with blood rituals, incantations, and ominous prophecies.

Desperate for help, Sarah calls the Dean of Science explaining she fears for her life but that her cure for Parkinson’s is almost complete. His calm demeanor brings a new sense of confidence in her. However, Sarah discovers photographs of the Dean dressed in Third Reich paraphernalia, realizing she is there under false pretenses. Worse, the Dean and his nefarious cult family arrive on the island, and Sarah and Liam find themselves ensnared in a deadly trap.


Producers: Sandy Hunter & Simon Wakelin
Story by: Sandy Hunter & Simon Wakelin
Writer: Simon Wakelin

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