When brazen criminals terrorize a rural community, a motley band of locals takes matters into their own hands.


Russet County, New Brunswick is God’s country, potato country, where hard- working rural folk leave porches unlocked and wheelers parked in dooryards with the keys right in ‘em.

At least that’s how it used to be.

A few years back the county’s only RCMP detachment got shuttered under mysterious circumstances leaving room for an unsavory element to spread through the land like rot through a barrel of spuds. Now thieves are making-off with anything they can get their hands on, and locals are right friggin’ pissed!

Pushed too far, a group of oddball avengers assembles, each with a particular set of skills, together vowing to strike fear into those who dare disturb the peace.

In the name of justice the team hatches and executes outlandish, madcap capers. Surveillance, distractions, hacking, disguises, car chases, fisticuffs, arson, explosions – whatever it takes to get the job done.

By the time they realize this rash of rural thievery is but the tip of a villainous manure pile, it’s too late; they are already neck-deep in it. Meanwhile word of the team’s exploits travels the grapevine, drawing heat from the Mounties downriver.

Every week the stakes get hilariously higher as baddies get badder, the cops get closer and the team’s internal friction nears a flashpoint. With the line between right and wrong growing ever- blurrier these rural renegades must decide how far they are willing to take this. After all, nobody else is coming to save the day…



Producers – Sandy Hunter, Clem McIntosh & Mike Allison
Writers: Mike Allison, Jeremy Larter

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